How to organise a small bathroom: ideas and tips

How to organise a small bathroom: ideas and tips

You can organise a small bathroom in a functional way without sacrificing aesthetics and using special space-saving solutions.

Among all the house rooms, the bathroom is the most private. A place for privacy and important rituals of daily life, where we can have time for personal care and well-being

Even a small bathroom must be comfortable, practical and cosy. Here are Kaladomus' tips for organising a harmonious and regenerating space.

Choosing bathroom sanitary ware

Choosing sanitary ware with care will help you to organise the small space in your bathroom in the best possible way.

To save space, you can opt for compact sanitary fittings. Some sanitary ware is up to ten cm deeper than standard models. But consider your case carefully, as they may be a little uncomfortable for tall and long-legged people.

You can choose between wall-mounted or floor-standing sanitary fittings. They are both suitable. If the bathroom you are furnishing is particularly small, we recommend you to choose wall-mounted sanitary fixtures, which give a feeling of greater spaciousness because they allow light to pass through. In addition, and this is no small detail, they facilitate the cleaning of the floor.

Buy the right furniture 

When you furnish a small bathroom, buying the right furniture is generally important and not only for sanitary ware. 

For example, you can opt for space-saving solutions when organising the washbasin area:

  • compact washbasin;
  • washbasin cabinet.

A shallow, narrow countertop or wall-hung basin is generally more impractical. Therefore, it is only recommended in very narrow bathrooms. The washbasin cabinet is very useful for the space it offers for storing and organising various objects. Kaladomus proposes you complete bathroom compositions and allows you to choose the width of the furniture according to your needs.

Using accessories and complements

The clever use of accessories and furnishings can also help you to organise your small bathroom.

Here are some space-saving ideas:

  • shelves;
  • wall units/ storage mirrors;
  • sliding/ folding doors.

Shelves represent a very economical way to use and organise spaces, even the most difficult ones such as the corners of the room. 

Convenient shelves allow you to better organise the shower, washbasin or sanitary areas.

If you have a limited space, you can also use wall cabinets and storage mirrors, and a sliding or folding door.

Organise drawers properly

We also suggest you to organise your drawers and cabinets well. With a few tips, you can organise even small items so that you can find them effortlessly. 

You can use handy drawer organisers and storage compartments that match the style of your bathroom. Using them you can sort and group combs, toothbrushes, creams and any other small utensils for your beauty routine. Also use boxes, baskets and make-up cases to put your accessories and always have them at hand.

In this way your bathroom, although small, will be functional and tidy, and so very comfortable and practical to use.

Use the colour effect

You can also rely on the colour effect when choosing furniture, flooring, wall coverings and wall paint.

Avoid using lots of different colours, too dark tones or the overuse of warm colours (too much red/orange) that visually fill up spaces.

Rather, prefer light shades:

  • white and its nuances;
  • grayscale;
  • light blue.

Especially in a small bathroom, these colours give the idea of relative width, depth and increased brightness.

Carefully using mirrors can also help you. Playing with reflections you can amplify the effect given by choosing the right colours.

Besides the colour of the paints and materials you choose, you must also consider another important issue. We are talking about the added value of an eco-friendly bathroom furniture, such as the one by Kaladomus, made of FSC-certified material and antibacterial paint.

As you can see, there are various ingenious ideas for organising a small bathroom. Of course, your choices depend also on your budget and the specific features of the room, such as floor plan and position of windows and doors. 

In the Kaladomus online catalogue you can find many functional and green solutions for organising your small bathroom.