Antibacterial paint: features and benefits

Antibacterial paint: features and benefits

Antibacterial paint: features and benefits

Antibacterial paint is a product designed to finish furniture, so as to make it resistant to microorganisms. Its characteristics and benefits ensure that it is an excellent product for healthy environments.

Besides being safe, this type of paint does not alter the aesthetics of the objects and is particularly suitable for furniture, especially children's rooms.

Thus, anti microbial paint is an added guarantee for anyone looking for wellness, health protection and style in their furniture. An example of this is the Kaladomus childhood furniture collection, treated with a water-based anti microbial varnish, which is an essential feature to guarantee a 100% bio-product.

Let's discover together what antibacterial paint is, what advantages it offers, how to identify it and where to find it.

What is antibacterial paint?

Antibacterial paint is a product specifically treated with biocide systems that sanitise the surface of the painted object and prevent it from being attacked by external pathogens.

At the same time, the film that the paint creates protects the object without altering its structure and appearance. The efficiency of the process makes this treatment suitable for furnishings that require special hygienic care.

Consider, for example, the furniture in a child's bedroom: it must be safe from all points of view. Children's room furniture must be made of quality materials to guarantee a healthy environment for the children starting from their first days of life.

To be sure that you are buying a safe product, it is important to check the truthfulness of the information provided regarding the painting of your furniture. In fact, antibacterial varnish is a real health guarantee, so much so that in Europe there is a regulation that certifies the validity of products that must meet BPR (Biocidal Products Regulation) labelling requirements. 

With such products you can be sure of living in a hygienically safe environment without giving up the comfort and beauty of natural wood furniture.

To obtain this certification, the antibacterial paint is tested on a wide range of bacteria, including MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus), proving its high degree of neutralisation.

Benefits and Warnings

Choosing consciously a product means knowing its characteristics, benefits and warnings. So, let us better understand what advantages antibacterial paint treatments offer:

  • resistance to normal cleaning operations;
  • no alteration to the aesthetics and features of the object on which it is used; 
  • homogeneous distribution of the antibacterial agent over the entire surface;
  • steady and unaltered protection over time;
  • brilliance and colour stability;
  • high resistance to corrosion;
  • no environmental impact. 

However, a precautionary warning must be highlighted. Today, there are so many advertising messages extolling the bactericidal qualities of products that they can generate confusion and expectations that are not always realistic. The only strategy to prevent wrong choices is to be well informed about the qualities of the paint used. 

Specifically, when you read on our website that Kaladomus products have been finished with certified antimicrobial paints, be aware that they have undergone careful analysis according to the high standards of the certifying agency.

Anti microbial painted furniture

Antimicrobial painted furniture provides you with an environment designed to be healthy, yet being beautiful and functional. 

Just as you make sure that the furniture in your home is made of certified wood, it is important that you also check that the paint used for the finishing is water-based antimicrobial, such as the one used by Kaladomus in its children's furnishing collection.

With a range of products suitable for the needs of the whole family, we pay special attention to the need for a healthy and safe environment for children. That is why we have introduced water-based antibacterial paint in our childhood furniture collections to make cribs and cots safer and more comfortable.

Our antibacterial paint not only protects against harmful microorganisms, it is also hypoallergenic. By reducing the presence of dust mites, it guarantees total well-being.

So now you know how much importance Kaladomus pays to your needs and those of your family, adopting green and hygienic solutions. Come and visit us in our online shop to purchase beautiful, functional furniture designed to improve the quality of your life, every day.