Newborn essentials: how to prepare them

Newborn essentials: how to prepare them

Newborn essentials are one of the first steps towards welcoming your baby. When and how to prepare them are the first questions a mother-to-be asks herself when she discovers she is expecting.

The newborn baby will need many things to accompany his or her days, at nap, bath, feeding and cuddle time. In fact, newborn essentials consist not only of baby clothes, but also linens and everything is necessary for his life, from furniture to toiletry and wellness sets.

That is why we have decided to draw up for you a simple guideline of everything you need to prepare a perfect baby equipment for your newborn. Now relax and start daydreaming about your baby's serenity. 

Newborn baby essentials: what you need

Let's focus on a baby's must haves.

If you are having your first child, you will certainly need directions. However, we know that the arrival of a baby in the family always brings a bit of pleasant confusion. 

That is why thinking ahead about the essentials for the newborn baby can be useful even for experienced mothers.

Here is everything you will have to consider before the arrival of your child: 

  • clothing;
  • bathing and hygiene;
  • linen;
  • various accessories;
  • home and walking equipment.

When the newborn is at home, first baby clothes are necessary: all natural fibre garments for the well-being of its delicate skin. Bodysuits, sleepsuits, socks and a cap are essential. If the baby is born in the cold season, a padded sack is also needed. 

The newborn kit should also include a nappy-changing set, on which you can place your newborn, and a beauty kit in which you can keep toiletries stylishly. 

You will also need a changing table with a baby bath and storage compartments. Choose it in certified quality wood to give your baby the best from the start.

As far as bathroom linen is concerned, pay attention to the materials of bathrobes and towels: natural materials such as cotton or bamboo fibre are perfect for a newborn baby's skin.

For bedtime, a cot with mattress and reducer and some sets of sheets and duvets; make sure they are suitable for the season.

Think about your future routines to buy all those practical accessories that will make your life easier, such as pochettes, pacifier holders and more. DouDou and carillons, for example, are precious allies for relaxing or stimulating your newborn.

Finally, the pram, the carrycot and soon also the pushchair, with a spacious bag to carry everything you need, will accompany you on your first strolls with your baby.

When to prepare newborn essentials

Preparing essentials will take time, so you should have a clear idea of when to start doing it.

We recommend you to organise in advance, also keeping in mind that an expectant mother may need to take rest. By doing everything in good time, the serenity of knowing that your baby’ essentials are ready will allow you to spend the last weeks of pregnancy in a relaxed and carefree way.

This is why we suggest you to prepare baby must haves from the fourth to the seventh month of pregnancy as: 

  • you will have passed the first trimester, which is the most delicate period of gestation;
  • you will soon know the sex of the unborn baby in order to customise the equipment;
  • everything will be ready before the end of the seventh month, when you will need more rest;
  • the hospital bag will have to be ready for the last months, when a premature birth is also possible. 

Tips and recommendations

We would like to add a few tips and recommendations to this little guideline. First of all, we know that the desire to have everything you need sometimes leads to hasty spending. Actually, there is no hurry to prepare the essentials. 

Three months are more than enough to organise everything, from the birth flake to the nursery and accessories. When choosing baby equipment you will realise that a newborn baby has few essential needs. Many items can be purchased later, when you have your baby in your arms.

So, you will be able to think of a baby registry checklist, which you can draw up online on Kaladomus website.

The time you dedicate to choosing the essentials will fly by as you get closer and closer to your little one. You will be surprised as you choose for him or her small items of clothing or accessories with his or her comfort and well-being in mind, feeling more and more like a mother every day.