What's a Montessori Learning Tower recommended age?

What's a Montessori Learning Tower recommended age?

The Montessori learning tower is a recommended tool to engage toddlers and preschool-age children in everyday activities, promoting discovery and the acquisition of independence.

The tower is inspired by the teachings of the well-known pedagogue Maria Montessori. It allows the little one to carry out activities in the adult environment, safely and independently. Thanks to the learning tower, the child can work freely on a work surface at the same height as adults, with no danger of falling to the floor. 

Preparing a cake with mum or dad or doing crafts with grandparents or the nanny become a truly engaging experience for the little one, who can interact and observe just like an elder boy or girl, in total serenity for everyone.

What’s a Montessori Tower

Structurally, the Montessori tower looks just like a turret with steps at the base and a protective frame on the top. It is designed to reach approximately the height of the child's chest. But there is more. It can also be transformed into a blackboard or small bench, footboard or desk, to accompany the child in its growth.

Being a progressive tool, the Montessori learning tower is a useful object for several age groups, right up to school age. 

Due to its role in facilitating interaction with adults, the Montessori learning tower is rarely placed in the nursery, where it is better to put a comfortable cot, an armchair and a small desk instead. The tower is mainly used in the kitchen and living room where most of the family's daily activities take place. You can also move it wherever you wish.

The child is free to get in and out of his/her Montessori step stool whenever he or she wishes, achieving at an early age the independence required in adult life. The multiple uses of the Montessori tower will let the child identify it as a growing up partner with which to experience new activities, skills and learning opportunities at various ages.

Features and benefits of a Montessori Learning Tower

Features and benefits of the Montessori learning tower are strictly based on:

  • children's needs;
  • safety;
  • convenience for adults.

The toddler must experience freedom of movement and autonomy. Being on a high but safe stool helps the kid to be independent and promotes serenity and complicity between adult and child.

The Montessori learning tower can be assembled quickly and easily, so that as the child grows, he/she will discover its many uses on his/her own.

Its structure must be light and resistant to the child's movements at the same time, a necessary feature of any childhood furniture. In addition, it must be made of top-quality certified wood to guarantee the health and safety of any young user.

The shape and versatility of the Montessori tower promote the development of children's autonomy and self-reliance. Thanks to the step stool towers, children can carry out common actions on their own, such as washing their hands or teeth, or kneading or playing freely with water, without being supported or held by their parents, grandparents or nannies. 

Every small action and every step forward marks the path to the acquisition of increasing self-confidence and self-reliance, and lays a solid basis for growth.

What age can a toddler use Montessori step stool?

You can start using the Montessori step stool from the early age of your child, approximately from the age of 18 months to about 4 or 5 years. Of course, at an early stage the little ones may not be able to fully use it. They may need adults' help getting on and off. In any case, becoming aware of their movements in spaces reserved to adults they trust will encourage their growth.

Observing the actions of parents or grandparents will stimulate the child's desire to emulate and make him or her more eager to learn.

Involving children in family activities from an early age is, in fact, a strong boost to their development and relationships among the family.

Around the age 5, children achieve greater stability and control of their movements. At this point, their magical Montessori tower will no longer be used to protect them from possible falls, but will remain a practical partner in many activities.

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