How to decorate a modern living room

How to decorate a modern living room

Deciding how to decorate a modern living room is not at all easy. That is why Kaladomus has collected 5 useful tips focusing on simplicity, organisation and well-being.

The living room is both the heart of the home in which we spend precious moments, and itscalling card, because it is generally the first room we find at the entrance. Therefore, it is important to plan and furnish it carefully, taking care of its design

The living room is also one of the most lived-in spaces in the home. For this reason it has to be comfortable and cosy, and must have furniture made of natural and quality materials, to ensure the health and mental wellbeing of those who live there.

So let us come to some tips for decorating your living room in a modern style.

Study of spaces and dimensions

Contemporary style requires studying spaces and dimensions to decorate in a sober and simple style. 

First of all, the secret lies in lightening and emptying, not filling every available space with non-essential objects or furniture. 

In fact, when you enter a modern living room you should have the feeling of being in a spacious environment, whatever the dimensions of the room is. This effect is achieved by opting for functional furniture and home accessories, such as:

Of course, you can enhance the living room furnishings by adding classic objects such as vases or plants so that it does not look bare. 

Attention to lighting

Lighting is another aspect to take care of carefully when designing your living room.

Natural light is crucial. Since the living room plays an important and central role in the home, it should be the brightest room in the house.

However, if it is not, you can enhance the natural lighting by a few touches, e.g. by installing a mirror or choosing light fabric curtains that let in the sun's rays. If possible, you could connect two rooms with a glass wall to benefit from the sunlight entering an adjacent room.

As far as artificial light is concerned, you can install a pendant in the centre of the ceiling or diversify the light points, e.g. with LEDs or spotlights and wall or floor lamps.

Choosing suitable colours

Another important step in decorating your living room in modern style is to choose suitable colours

Kaladomus suggests:

  • natural shades, with contrasting colours for the details;
  • urban or inlay motifs on a neutral background.

Very bright colours would be inappropriate, both in the furniture and on the walls. So the perfect colours are white, beige and brown shades, grey and ivory.

Neutral colours favour mental well-being and ease, making the room perfect for relaxation and hospitality.

Adding a carpet or paintings on the walls will give the room a touch of colour and unparalleled warmth.

Prefer simple style furniture

Preferring simple style furniture with minimal and simple lines is another key rule for decorating living rooms in a modern style.

As design solutions in a modern living room, always choose slim and light furniture that does not occupy too much space. You can also insert a sideboard, a glass showcase, or a table, as long as they have a rational design and are made of natural materials, controlled and certified to protect health and well-being.

You can also be daring with original style and contemporary furniture, if it does not weigh down the overall style of the room.

Buying the right decorative objects

Buying the right decorative objects is very important. In fact, why take so much care in selecting a main modern style furniture, and then purchase accessories that do not enhance it? 

Practical and decorative objects such as pouffes, paintings or even a practical yet ornamental seat give the living room personality. Even a smoking table in front of the sofa diversifies the space and provides a useful support. 

Furnishing accessories allow you to fully express your personality through your furniture. 

Thanks to them, your living room represents who you are.

You can choose to decorate your living room also online with a 10-year guarantee. The Kaladomus team offers a tailor-made service and a during and after sale support, to help you transform your living room into a modern, cosy and welcoming space where simplicity, elegance and sustainability play a key role.