How to decorate a newborn baby room

How to decorate a newborn baby room

Deciding how to decorate a newborn baby's room is one of the first thoughts of parents-to-be. In fact, organising the spaces and choosing the most suitable furniture are the first concrete step in welcoming the little one.

The arrival of a baby implies the creation of additional space to store all the objects and accessories needed for newborn care. Moreover, very soon the young baby will need a dedicated room all to himself.

So, we would like to offer you some ideas on how to decorate a newborn baby's bedroom by accommodating everything that is needed for his or her well-being and a healthy mental and physical development.

What to do to organise a nursery

When you find yourself pregnant, you wonder what to do to organise a nursery for the newborn baby. Organising and decorating the space in the best way in a baby's bedroom requires parents to put aside choices driven mainly by their own personal tastes, the excitement of a newborn's arrival or market trends, in order to focus on the real needs of the baby. It is no small thing, so it’s important that you check carefully what is really necessary to have.

First of all, we suggest you to organise differentiated functional areas within the nursery:

  • nappy-changing area;
  • sleeping corner;
  • wardrobe area;
  • playing area.

Thanks to this room organisation and decoration you will be able to create routines and rituals useful to organise the baby’s day.

Time scansion and organisation of spaces, in fact, work together for the harmonious growth of the little one, who will benefit greatly from having dedicated corners to each of his or her basic needs, such as playing, sleeping and relaxing.

Thinking of a child's first needs, Kaladomus offers you a wide variety of solutions for decorating the nursery by choosing the most suitable layout.

How to choose furniture for a newborn baby

Depending on the characteristics of the room and its layout, you can choose furniture of the most suitable type and size. 

You will certainly need a changing table so that everything is tidy and easy to reach. You can decorate with comfortable and functional furnishings, choosing from different types of changing tables:

  • capacious, with drawers and an integrated baby bath;
  • small, with shelves or a single shelf, for small spaces;
  • evolving, for future use as a desk, chest of drawers or other shelves.

For sleeping, at least for the first few months, we recommend a cot or a soft crib gear. If you are looking for evolutionary solutions, Kaladomus offers you models of cradles that can be converted into cribs, and also cribs that can be turned into desks, for long-term room furnishings. 

As a wardrobe, opt for a dresser or a closet. A baby's wardrobe should have as much storage space as possible so to keep clothes and small items tidy. There are many solutions:

  • classic with doors and drawers;
  • Montessori style;
  • multi-purpose on wheels.

Furnishing the toy corner is crucial. This, more than any other space, will evolve greatly as the child grows. Trunks and bookcases will help you keep puppets and rattles tidy and find a place for many other accessories. A mirror and a child-sized armchair will further define a room totally dedicated to the child.

A few useful tips to decorate a nursery

Based on our experience in interior design, we offer you some useful tips for decorating a newborn baby's nursery, starting with the main concepts: 

  • simplicity;
  • functionality;
  • evolution;
  • safety.

In general, the newborn's room should be designed with simplicity and functionality in mind, giving priority to furniture that is truly essential.

For an investment that will last over time, you can decorate the nursery with evolving furnishings, forward-looking solutions for the room of a newborn baby, who will grow very quickly indeed. In the Kaladomus catalogue for childhood furniture you will find a number of newborn bedroom ideas for decorating it thinking to the next phases of the child's development. One example is the Montessori cot-crib or crib-bed, with a double solution that can be used according to age or activity (playing or sleeping) of the kid. 

Don't forget that choosing a childhood furniture you must always consider the safety factor, making sure that each item meets current European Community standards, it is top quality, nicely crafted and made of non-toxic materials, like our furniture, which is entirely made of CARB2 and FSC certified wood.

With lots of love and the help of one of our consultants, decorating your baby's nursery will be simple and fun: a first step to start dreaming about your new life together.