FSC Certification: what it is and why we should know it

FSC Certification: what it is and why we should know it

The FSC Certification is an International certificate which guarantees the origin of wood and paper. Let’s see what it is and why it is important to know about it. 

The stylised tree symbol of this certification identifies wooden or paper objects coming from the forests, where strict values are respected: 

  • environmental;
  • social;
  • economic.

As a matter of fact, FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council, is an independent NGO which identifies shared certification standards to encourage a responsible and sustainable management of forest resources, with the aim of: 

  • preserving forests, protecting plant and animal species; 
  • taking care of people depending on them (indigenous communities and forestry workers).

FSC is a reliable and recognised label. The FSC Certification of Kaladomus products guarantees that they have been realised following specific values. 

FSC Certification: features

The features of FSC Certification will help you understand the importance of recognising it. 

In choosing furniture for your home, or in any other environment in which you spend your time, it is important to focus on products realised with raw materials of FSC controlled origin, mainly for three reasons:

  • respect for the environment during every stage of the supply chain, from the production to the purchase; 
  • health protection;
  • ethical and social commitment. 

Respect for the environment and for the principles of a sustainable production, as well as the choice of “healthy” furniture and finishes made of natural materials are two fundamental criteria on which a person needs to base his/her own purchasing decisions, where eco-sustainability is a shared value.

  • the forests of origin (FM certification);
  • the so-called “Chain of Custody” (COC certification).

Kaladomus, as a manufacturer of high-quality wooden furniture and furnishings, realises products which respect the two basic FSC standards, guaranteeing a production in compliance with these principles. They certify: 

FM (Forest Management) certification proves that in the management of the forest or plantation, biological diversity is preserved and the interests of workers and local communities are taken care of. 

COC (Chain of Custody) certification, on the other hand, covers the chain of custody, that is, the companies that manufacture products from wood material. It guarantees that the raw materials used come from well-managed forests or plantations, monitored sources or recycled materials. 

Therefore, the FSC certification connected to our products portrays an environmentally friendly, socially useful and economically sustainable production process. If you happen to spot the FSC wood certification on a Kaladomus table, for example, or on a wardrobe for your child's bedroom, you can be sure that the company meets all the necessary standards that guarantee its full adherence to these important ethical and environmental values.

FSC certified products: why choose them

By now, you should have a very clear idea of the reason why you should choose FSC certified products. 

Nowadays, an ever-increasing ecological consciousness suggests we pay attention to the impact our actions and our purchases can have on the environment and on the living conditions of our communities and other peoples. We can no longer ignore the urge to control these effects, at least by reducing their harmfulness as much as possible.

Green solutions are possible and preferable, also about items for your home, furniture included. So, when you read on our website that Kaladomus products are realised with FSC-certified wood or materials, you are aware of the fact that they passed through an FSC chain of custody and, previously, they came from a forest where the wood was treated responsibly and which is managed in compliance with the high standards of the control body, including: 

  • environmental impact;
  • virtuous relations with the community and respect for the rights of workers and population;
  • compliance with laws and FSC principles.

Forest management guarantees that the harvest of the raw material is made preserving its integrity and the biological diversity, as well as water resources, soils and ecosystems. It also commits to maintain or improve the socio-economic well-being of forest workers and local communities. Finally, it ensures the acknowledgment and respect of the rights of indigenous peoples regarding land possession and use, as well as compliance with applicable laws, treaties and international agreements.

Now that you are aware of the values of our products, have a look at the online shop of Kaladomus to purchase sustainable and quality furniture.