Certifications, Because Knowing Them Is Important

Certifications, Because Knowing Them Is Important

Certifications, how many times hearing this word has a shiver taken a shiver down our spine at the thought of having to stay hours and hours at work to rearrange materials, carry out checks and make sure that everything is in order to be able to overcome them and finally be calm.
Well, all this is just a micro price to pay for what they bring to our everyday life.
The FSC, PEFC, FITOK and CARB2 certifications are an example of this in the furniture sector.
How many times have you happened to see these acronyms printed on the packaging, let's see what they mean and finally let's sum up why they are important for our life.

FSC and PEFC are very similar certifications to each other. They certify that the origin of the raw material from which the product is made, from wood to cardboard packaging, comes from forests that are managed with strict environmental, social and economic controls.
Choosing products that possess these certifications means choosing raw materials that come from forests managed in a conscious manner, in which the environment is respected and in which the work is carried out taking into account the labor and economic rights that we also enjoy. In short words? No workers are exploited or underpaid and forests are managed so that they can regenerate for future generations.

FITOK is a certification concerning wooden packaging. With a world increasingly interconnected by high-intensity commercial exchanges, it is not uncommon for infestations of agents that are not part of the ecosystem of the country to occur through the goods that are handled.
For this reason, a series of treatments have been devised to avoid the transmission of external agents and the FITOK certification certifies that these treatments have been carried out correctly and through the strict regulations in force.

CARB2 is a certification in force in the USA and regulates the emission of formaldehyde within certain very specific limits. These limits have been established by data collected by the California Air Resource Board, whose acronym is CARB.
More and more manufacturers also outside the USA are using materials that have this certification because they have more stringent emission limits than those required in Europe. It is therefore an extra security for all customers.

In conclusion, knowing the meaning of the various certifications helps the final consumer to purchase safe products made according to well-defined criteria.
The certifications we have talked about make us understand how much through the purchase of products that possess them, we can give a tangible hand to the protection of nature, through careful management of the forests that provide us with the raw material, respect for the work of people and of the safety that processing and handling can have on our health.