The values ​​of our products

Kaladomus selects and uses only high quality products. Kaladomus products are accompanied by strict production controls, so that during the processing phase, customers are guaranteed products free of particles harmful to health. All Kaladomus products are prepared with the utmost care, in an artisanal way and on the customer's order. Kaladomus informs that plastic products derive from petrochemicals, and if not treated properly, they can give off products that are harmful to health. Kaladomus informs that recycled wood products, if not treated properly, can emit particles that are harmful to health

Eco-sustainable production

Kaladomus actively supports the eco-sustainability chain with its suppliers. Kaladomus and all our suppliers in synergy constantly invest to regenerate and live in a better world, 77% of the driving force used comes from photovoltaic systems, hydroelectric plants, biomass plants with the use of virgin materials. Kaladomus also actively supports the eco-sustainability chain with its suppliers regarding the use of forests; Responsible use of forests strictly requires that for each tree cut, another tree is re-planted. This process, if carried out in a responsible way, creates a benefit in favor of the forests as they are always kept clean and regenerated.

Water-based paints

Kaladomus wants products that require paint to be painted with water-based antibacterial paints. This is because the water-based products complete the last cycle to also guarantee 100% Bio-product.