Kaladomus is a brand that was created to convey the love for the home also through its name, in fact we have combined "kala" from the Greek beautiful and "domus" from the Latin house. A mix to best express its commitment in wanting to offer quality, design and sustainable products, able to make any domestic environment more intimate and welcoming.
This is why it offers a wide range of selected and exclusive products that meet all your needs.
The Call Center assistance team is made up of passionate people who will always do their utmost to guarantee a punctual and attentive service, to follow you step by step in the purchase of our furnishing accessories.


Kaladomus wants to offer a complete and satisfying shopping experience. This is why it is proud to offer you furnishing solutions that have been produced not only with high standards of quality and safety, but also with process certifications that guarantee the protection of the health of our customers. Kaladomus has also designed a site that makes your purchase easy and pleasant with a few clicks and, in case you need further support, his team is always available to advise you on the most suitable solutions for your needs and thus make your home a place of warmth and Italian design.


Kaladomus' offer primarily aims to protect the health and well-being of its customers, which is why it offers controlled and certified products.
A commitment for which he has never compromised and which has led, year after year, to define a sustainable production line, a guarantee of a better future for the planet.


Kaladomus believes in the environment and the future of our young people. For this reason, buying in this e-commerce means supporting an Italian “green” project, a new way of conceiving furnishing accessories that will also allow you to receive promotions and offers for exclusive and design brands.
For Kaladomus, sustainability and respect for the environment are the primary and daily condition of its work and he hopes that this attention will be increasingly shared as a choice of life and purchase.


Every single product available and purchasable in the Kaladomus e-commerce has made a path of sustainability.
In fact Kaladomus has created an Italian eco-sustainability chain that allows to produce quality products with 77% of energy deriving from photovoltaic systems, hydroelectric plants, biomass plants using virgin materials.


Kaladomus offers a tailor-made service that includes all stages of purchase, from online product selection to after-sales support, with a 10-year warranty. The continuous attention to Italian design and sustainability, combined with ethics and commitment to the environment, makes all Kaladomus buyers part of a social community attentive to the future of our planet.

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