Charter of values ​​and code of ethics


The code of ethics is the document that describes and summarizes the values ​​of an organization and the ways in which it is intended to apply them; therefore constitutes one of the tools that enhance the company's commitment to responsibility towards its own people. gender equality, transparency and fairness in the performance of one's business and in the management of the company, through methods and practices of continuous improvement. That said, this document (the '' Code of Ethics '' or the '' Code '') is the result of a participatory process within the Group, which coincided with the shared elaboration of the Vision, Mission and Values ​​that distinguish the Group itself, re-evaluating, in terms of responsibility and sustainability, the direct and indirect impact of its activities on stakeholders.

1. The vision

Our Group is a large Italian Group, proud of its path, which knows how to be close to people and their needs, a market leader capable of offering and receiving trust, of working in a competent, simple and fast way, creating value for all. The Group wants to: - bring more security and trust in the future into people's lives, accompanying them in the choices of protection, savings and quality of life thanks to the active presence of our networks in the area; - always listen to and value our people, in an inclusive environment, supporting its growth and development through choices based on merit; - acting as an innovative interlocutor for the development issues of our country, offering skills, resources and tools to face economic and social changes and oversee their effects; - enhance the social dimension of our business by supporting realities and projects capable of fostering a more cohesive and sustainable society, creating value for all People.

2. The mission

The Group:
- is responsible for improving the quality of life of our customers by proposing solutions for the protection, support and implementation of their projects;
- pursues efficient, profitable and sustainable business management over time, based on the contribution and enhancement of our people;
- undertakes to operate with simplicity, effectiveness and organizational and operational transparency, to be close to people's needs, to promote the culture of innovation aimed at greater benefits for customers, to help create new forms and tools to improve well-being social.

3. The reference values

The values ​​that inspire the Group's conduct are the following:
- accessibility, that is the commitment to be an open and available interlocutor;
- far-sightedness, understood as a commitment to develop strategic design and organizational processes in order to ensure continuity of efficient and profitable management of the company, which excludes any form of dispersion and waste of resources, with a view to long-term sustainability;
- respect, that is the commitment to consider people as part of a stable social relationship that attributes dignity, encouraging and supporting listening;
- solidarity, that is the commitment to promote a culture that protects the existence and well-being of individuals, families and businesses. It also means committing to recognize mutual support and collaboration as key elements to guarantee the company efficiency and development;
- responsibility, understood as the commitment to take responsibility, individually and collectively, for the consequences of one's actions with seriousness, transparency and honesty, without betraying the relationship of trust granted.

4. The recipients of the code of ethics

Given that the Code of Ethics is applied in the Group and in all its subsidiaries, the recipients of the Code are all those who directly or indirectly influence or are influenced by the Group's activities: - Shareholders and Investors, represented by individuals and legal entities which, for various reasons, have invested their capital within the Group; - Directors, that is the people that the Shareholders elect, on the basis of current legislation, to represent them in the governance of the company, in order to achieve the Mission and the strategic objectives of the Group; - Employees, Agents and Collaborators, that is the subjects who, for various reasons and regardless of the legal relationship, lend their work guaranteeing, with commitment and professionalism, the realization of the Group's Mission; - Customers, understood as individuals, families and businesses, ie all those who use the Group's services and to whom it addresses in order to satisfy their safety and protection needs; - Suppliers, represented by all the partners who contribute, directly and indirectly, through the supply of products, equipment, services and various services, to the process of creating and supplying services to customers by the Group; - Civil Community, made up of the various public institutions, bodies, schools, universities, cultural bodies and structures, social organizations and non-profit associations with which the Group actively collaborates, aware of its social role, pursuing partnership relations, on issues such as protection and enhancement of the environment, the development of educational, cultural and solidarity activities; - Future generations, represented by all those to whom the Group is dedicated when, with a view to intergenerational equity, it undertakes to ensure the economic, environmental and social sustainability of its business.

5. The purposes of the code of ethics

- The Code of Ethics is, first of all, the tool for promoting and disseminating the corporate values ​​culture towards people; it helps to guide and support the decision-making process, governance and management of the Group, so that full compliance with the principles defined therein is ensured at all levels. It is a self-regulatory tool, voluntarily adopted by the Group to make its Values ​​live with - and among - its stakeholders. The Code of Ethics indicates and describes the principles that guide the Company's behavior towards People. It constitutes the systemization of the Vision, Mission and Values ​​of the Group, as a guide to orient the responsible action of the company (both inside and outside the company), constituting a "compass" for the gradual improvement of their organization.
- The Code of Ethics, in addition to contributing to compliance with the regulatory provisions in force from time to time, works to promote and guarantee the prevention of behaviors that conflict with the Values ​​and principles of the Code itself, at every level of the life and activity of the Group.
The principles contained in the Code of Ethics are the expression of the Group's will to operate:
- to prevent any form of corruption and extortion;
- to counter any terrorist financing activity and any money laundering initiative;
- to prevent and counter acts or initiatives that constitute a conflict of interest;
- adopting, in relations with the Public Administration, correct, transparent conduct, useful for preventing and combating any form of offense;
- in full compliance with the Supervisory Authorities, having an attitude of positive and collaborative dialogue with them;
- in favor of a market in which free competition is guaranteed, refraining from practices that could be configured as anti-competitive; - providing transparent and correct information, in compliance with the ethical standards of behavior contained in the principles of legality, equity and equality, protection of the human person, environmental protection and compliance with the prevention and protection rules relating to health and safety in the places of work.

The principles of conduct and the recipients of the code of ethics

1. Shareholders and investors

Integrity and transparency The Group undertakes to pursue the interests of all Shareholders, according to the principles of impartiality, correct and timely information, autonomy and transparency for the achievement of the corporate purpose, applying specific procedures for the traceability of decisions and providing for appropriate mechanisms and reporting tools.

Responsible governance for the creation of value The Group adopts a governance system for the management of its business activity, characterized by attention to the enhancement of investments and the responsible use of capital, with the aim of ensuring financial and equity solidity for the Group , with a view to creating value for Shareholders in the medium and long term.

Construction and enhancement of reputation The Group undertakes to consolidate and develop its reputation and its ethical profile, through the pursuit of a model of excellence in the management of economic and entrepreneurial activity, respectful of its roots and looking to the future, constantly adapting it to the needs of a changing market.

Listening and correct information to the market The financial communication of the Group is oriented towards strict compliance with current legislation and the self-regulatory codes adopted, with particular regard to the principles of correctness, transparency and completeness towards all the operators on the market. The correct management of corporate information is aimed at preventing the abuse of sensitive data and privileged information. The Group, having companies listed on regulated markets, pays particular attention to discussions with its investors, which takes place through direct meetings and the use of the most effective means of communication.

2. The administrators

The choice and methods of appointment of Directors are made in compliance with the regulations in force from time to time, with particular reference to the criteria of professional competence and personal integrity, as well as independence. The Directors undertake:

- to carry out their function in the exclusive interest of the company and all of its Shareholders, avoiding situations that could constitute conflicts of interest and the undue attribution of personal advantages, related to the performance of their functions;
- full compliance with the principles contained in the Code of Ethics.

3. Employees, agents and collaborators

Respect and protection of people

The Group considers respect as a pillar of interaction between people on which to build the relationship with its Employees, Agents and Collaborators. The Group, drawing inspiration from and adopting the United Nations '' Universal Declaration of Human Rights '', undertakes to prevent forms of discrimination, to promote appropriate initiatives aimed at guaranteeing dignity, gender equality and opportunities for all Employee, also by favoring the reconciliation of life and work times, as well as the best practices for the integration and development of people with disabilities. In this context, the Group promotes specific policies to protect and support individual and family needs, without discrimination in terms of gender, sexual, political, cultural and religious orientation. The Group operates towards them in full compliance with the regulations in force from time to time. At the same time, the Group affirms the importance of professional commitment as a fundamental element of personal expression and dignity, as well as mutual respect between colleagues. Without prejudice to the specific nature of the relationships and relationships that exist with the Agents and Collaborators, the Group undertakes to adopt similar behavior towards them.The Group works to protect the health of its Employees, as well as the Agents and Collaborators, consolidating the a culture of risk prevention and safety, developing awareness-raising actions and promoting responsible behavior.

Enhancement and professional development

The Group promotes a work environment oriented towards the enhancement of skills and the expression of professional attitudes, with particular attention to the professional contribution of less represented genders, stimulating the contribution of creativity, energy and commitment of all. For this reason, it ensures investment in training and refresher programs, in order to develop the potential and professionalism of each one, also through systems of recognition of individual merit.

Transparency in relationships

The Group clearly and transparently defines the roles and responsibilities of all those who work within it, with the aim of affirming a business culture based on performance objectives and measurable, known and shared evaluation systems.

Confrontation and dialogue

The Group promotes the responsible participation of people in corporate life; attaches strategic importance to internal communication and the tools of dialogue and comparison, aimed at all Employees, Collaborators and Agents, including through autonomous representative organizations.

Conflict of interest

The Group is committed and actively works to avoid situations of conflict of interest. All Employees, Agents and Collaborators are required to diligently use company resources and to refrain from determining situations attributable to personal advantages or benefits related to them, connected to the performance of individual functions and activities. personal benefits to the families of Employees, Agents and Collaborators, according to the roles they cover in company operations.

4. Customers

I listen

The Group works to ensure the best response to the social demand for safety and protection of individuals, families, businesses and organizations. The Group is open to new requests, to the new needs of a social and civil nature of citizens and communities. For this reason, the in-depth knowledge of customer needs and expectations is essential. It undertakes to detect, with continuity and transparency, through the use of the most advanced methods of relating, listening and dialogue, the needs of actual and potential Customers, as well as those of their representatives; monitors the evolutions and transformations of the market and of society to adapt its proposal of products and services in order to guarantee a mutually beneficial relationship with its customers.

Transparency in relationships

The Group deals with customers in a transparent way, avoiding creating improper expectations and respecting the commitments undertaken; realizes a clear and exhaustive commercial communication in all the distribution channels used, in particular as regards the characteristics of the products and services offered and the contractual and assistance relationships.

Simplification and accessibility

The Group works to make products and services easier and clearer for its customers, building an innovative offer that is attentive to the needs, but also to the languages ​​and experiences of citizens-customers. The Group undertakes to eliminate the excesses of bureaucracy, making the best use of the new and most advanced technologies, thus guaranteeing flexible systems suitable for simplifying relations with customers; promotes universally accessible products and services with timely and adequate response methods to the diversified needs of customers. With a view to accessibility, the Group favors the elimination of architectural barriers in its offices and in the network of agencies and branches.

Integrated and socially oriented offer

The Group is committed to creating a complete, integrated and personalized offer of products and services, in order to guarantee and increase the unique social profile of its offer and its reputation on the market. The Group pays particular attention to people who find themselves in a situation of potential economic and social exclusion, defining targeted responses to their needs and the need to access insurance and savings protection products that are useful, simple, without speculative purposes.

Quality of service

The Group pursues the creation of a quality service, aimed at achieving the highest standards, placing customer listening, understanding and involvement at the center of its business, setting itself the objectives of rapid and personalized assistance and advice.

5. The suppliers

Quality and responsibility

The Group considers Suppliers an integral part of the business value generation process; collaborates with them on the basis of a partnership and long-term relationship approach. The choice of suppliers responds not only to economic requirements, but requires particular attention to the quality of the service, compliance with evaluation criteria aimed at promoting social and environmental responsibility along the entire supply chain. In this context, the Group is committed to raising awareness among Suppliers so that they ensure full respect for the rights of the people who work and collaborate with them, manage their businesses in a transparent and sustainable way, and work to reduce the environmental impact of their activities.

Fairness and transparency

The Group promotes transparent and fair professional relationships with its Suppliers.

The Group selects commercial partners on the basis of objective and documentable procedures, giving them equal opportunities. The management of contracts is based on fairness and on the prevention of all forms of abuse, careful to prevent and combat any possible conflict of interest. The Group undertakes to avoid clientelism and privileges and to respect the agreements made with a view to reciprocity and common interest.

6. The civil community

Promotion of safety

The Group promotes and pursues a culture of safety and risk prevention towards its Customers and the Civil Community as a whole, undertaking to provide clear information on the different types of risks and on the actions taken in order to prevent them and reduce their impact on people. To this end, the Group develops appropriate research, analysis, in-depth and awareness-raising activities; carries out specific initiatives as well as the continuous innovation of its products and services. Sustainability The Group promotes a vision of entrepreneurial development that considers the direct and indirect impact of its business on the main stakeholders from an intergenerational perspective.

Social and environmental sustainability, in addition to economic sustainability, is a fundamental element of the Group's strategy.

Beware of weaker groups

Aware of its social role, the Group contributes to improving the quality of life in the communities in which it operates, with particular attention to the vulnerable, also through the offer of products that promote financial and economic inclusion.

Civil commitment and culture of legality

The Group actively contributes to the growth of the economic and social system through the development of products and services aimed at integrating the public welfare system. It promotes initiatives in partnership with civil society subjects who work to affirm a culture and a practice of full respect for legality, as well as the protection of individual and collective safety.

Social, cultural and solidarity commitment

The Group contributes to supporting projects of particular social, cultural and solidarity importance, in the areas of knowledge, research, safety and quality of life, promoted directly or in partnership with organizations representing civil society. The Ns. The Group deals with them with responsibility, transparency and with exclusive social purposes.

7. Future generations

Promotion of growth, openness and comparison

The Group works to create a sustainable business model, from an intergenerational perspective, in favor of young people and future generations. It collaborates with educational institutions to promote the cultural growth of young people and to facilitate their entry into the world of work. It invests in business innovation, fostering collaboration between generations and the sharing of skills. The Group also favors the access of young people to the company and their active participation, acknowledging their contribution to building the future of the company.

Culture of knowledge and commitment

The Group promotes knowledge, innovation and merit; recognizes the value of skills and commitment in work, in the awareness and belief that these are essential factors for the growth of the company over time.

Sustainability of choices

The Group ensures its commitment to the economic, social and environmental sustainability of its business, through conduct aimed at keeping the company solid and healthy in the long term, avoiding jeopardizing, with choices aimed at short-term results, the possibility for Generations Future to be able to satisfy their needs. In particular, the Group undertakes to constantly monitor and reduce the direct and indirect environmental impacts produced by the company, taking action to address the problems induced by climate change.

We actively support the eco-sustainability chain and all our suppliers in synergy, invest constantly, to regenerate and live in a better world. 78% of the motive power used comes from photovoltaic plants, hydroelectric plants, biomass plants with the use of virgin materials. The Group also actively supports the eco-sustainability chain with its suppliers regarding the use of forests; Responsible use of forests strictly stipulates that for each tree cut, another tree must be re-planted. If this is done responsibly, it creates a benefit in favor of the forests, as they are always kept clean and regenerated.