Kaladomus Gift Card 50€ Wood

VAT included Code Sent By E-mail in 1-2 Working Days

There comes a time in our life when we find ourselves in a group discussing what to give to our friends or relatives. Discussions of hours, ideas and proposals, perhaps under the scorching summer sun or the bitter cold of winter, with the doubt as to whether what we have decided is actually valid. The solution is just a few clicks away.

Give one of our Gift Cards with a simple click.

The person will receive a code via email and will be able to choose what they want in our shop.


Gift Card value: €50

Shipping Time: Code Sent By E-mail in 1-2 Working Days

Validity: 365 Days On The Entire Catalog Of Our Shop

The coupon cannot be refunded.

Make sure that the value of the cart is equal to or greater than the value of the Gift Card. Any credit leftovers cannot be refunded.

The Gift Card cannot be purchased by bank transfer or cash on delivery.

Upon expiry, the code will become unusable.