3 Seater Stone Sofa In Fabric L.240xL.100xH.90 CM

VAT included Shipped In 4-5 Weeks

Stone sofa

3-seater sofa with lines that recall the sculptures that arise from the heart of stone, modern and decisive for anyone who wants modernity and elegance in their living room. The structure made of plywood guarantees solidity and durability over time and the comfortable cushions and backrests ensure a comfortable rest. Available in a wide choice of colors.
Dimensions: L.240xL.100xH.90cm



Sofa made following accurate manufacturing processes and quality controls, from the choice of fabrics and their cutting, up to the final realization. To give the customer a high quality product.
The production processes mean that this sofa is not ready for delivery in a short time as happens for products of large production and distribution.

Dimensions: L.240xL.100xH.90cm

Material: Structure in multilayer wood

Fabrics Available:
Florida: 100% PE velvet fabric

Delivery Time: Shipped In 4-5 Weeks

Warranty: 5 Years

DLR631T-Florida 71