Mimmamamma - Reducer Braid - Natural Gauze Braid L.190xL.30cm.

VAT included shipped in 2-3 weeks

Reducer Braid

The Reducer Braid is very useful during the first months of a baby's life, to create a safe and welcoming space inside the cot. The braid will make the baby feel wrapped and protected as in a warm embrace, promoting a peaceful sleep. Made of natural three-ply gauze 100% cotton for the lining and soft padding on the inside.

Dimensions: L.190xL.30cm.



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Material: 100% cotton natural 3-ply gauze fabric

Padding: 100% Polyester Padding

Dimensions: L.190xL.30cm.

Production: Made in Italy

Delivery Time: shipped in 2-3 weeks

Warranty: 5 years


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