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Bath Collection 06 - Complete Bathroom Composition In Extra Glossy Finish


Bath Collection 06

Suspended bathroom cabinet, the extra - glossy gray finish combined with a clean and modern design is of great effect. Two comfortable front drawers have an internal structure that keeps the order of your personal items. The mirror container and the 3 wall units complete this bathroom cabinet with order and elegance, which everyone appreciates, making it spacious and exclusive.
Available in complete combinations of 60, 90 and 120cm.
Bathroom furniture made using FSC and CARB2 certified material.

Ikos-B Bathroom - Complete Bathroom Composition And Accessories In Natural Veined Oak Finish


The IKOS-B bathroom is FSC and CARB2 certified, produced in real natural oak wood pressed on the surface. It has doors with push & pull opening. Composed of 4 elements to be assembled and completed according to your needs:

- Base with rectangular shaped white ceramic washbasin,

- Mirror

- Wall unit

- Base column

The base under the sink is equipped with 2 doors, a large internal space and comfortable external shelves. The mirror is installed on a wooden frame and is equipped with SAFE + film to guarantee an approved safety in case of accidental breakage of the mirror, keeping the pieces glued and preventing them from falling. The wall unit with reversible door can be used as a suspended piece of furniture, or it can be placed above the base column forming a single piece of furniture with two doors with an open space in the center. The base column is also equipped with a convenient reversible door, so that it can be installed on the right or left of the washbasin base, in the way you like best.

Included in the offer are siphon and taps for the washbasin and the LED lamp for the mirror.A bathroom furniture designed for small bathrooms, a trendy solution with a modern style.