LuxorItalia - Living Room Leather Collection 02 - Handcrafted Furniture In Wood And Leather L.226xH.151xW.50cm

VAT included Shipped in 5-6 Weeks

Leather Collection 02

Sideboard produced at the time of order, handcrafted in high quality wood and leather that feature the  FSC and CARB2 certifications.
LuxorItalia products are part of a unique collection, of the highest range, made of fine materials and with artisanal methods, for those customers who want to have in their homes not a piece of furniture, But a work of art, and just as these are destined to be valued over time. All products are provided with a certificate, which shows the unique serial number and the date of production that certifies their authenticity.
Dimensions: L.226xH.151xW.50cm



LuxorItalia furniture is made entirely by hand, everything, from the materials through the application of the gold leaves, to the shipment, is followed with careful quality controls. All these processes and the realization that takes place only at the time of the order means that delivery times are not short.

Material: FSC and CARB2 Certified Antique Solid Wood

Finish: Genuine Leather

Dimensions: L.226xH.151xW.50cm

Certifications: FSCCARB2FITOK

Packaging: Product Packed in 100% Recyclable Cardboard Certified FITOK 

Production: Made in Italy

Delivery Time: Shipped In 5-6 Weeks

Warranty: 5 years