Mimmamamma - Cashmere Blanket 40% Hemp and 60% Cashmere

VAT included shipped in 2-3 weeks

Cashmere-Hemp Blanket

Mimmamamma blanket made of Hemp and Cashmere yarn with hand-stitched blanket stitch.
Hemp is one of the most resistant natural fibers. The fabric that derives from the processing, has a high thermal insulation and breathability, therefore the garments are cool in summer and warm in winter.
Cashmere is a wool, the best known among the precious ones. The characteristic that makes this wool excellent is a superior fineness, which gives the fabrics the ability to keep warm, even with a light weight. The softest in contact with the skin. This wonderful blanket was born from the union and processing of these precious fabrics.
Practice at any time of the day, to wrap your baby in a warm and soft embrace, both while resting in the cradle or bed, and on walks in the open air.


Cot Blanket: L.140xL.90cm.

Crib Blanket: L.90xL.70cm.

Blancket Dimension


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Material: Fabric composed of 40% Hemp and 60% Cashmere


Cot Blanket: L.140xL.90cm.

Crib Blanket: L.90xL.70cm.

Production: Made in Italy

Delivery Time: shipped in 2-3 weeks

Warranty: 5 Years


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