Mimmamamma - Doudou - 100% cotton natural 3-ply gauze fabric

VAT included shipped in 2-3 weeks


Doudou Penguin Mimmamamma. A tender and nice friend to accompany, comfort and pamper the child in the first years of life. Among the first purchases made by the mother while pregnant and one of the first gifts that are made to newborns is the doudou.
Kept as close as possible to the mother, in order to absorb her smell, it becomes a reassuring and comforting object for the baby, especially in the phase before bedtime and in moments of detachment from the mother. Doudou Penguin is made with safe materials, in natural three-ply gauze 100% cotton, machine washable.

Dimensions: H.31xL.24cm



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Material: 100% cotton natural 3-ply gauze fabric

Padding: 100% Polyester Padding

Dimensions: H.31xL.24cm

Production: Made in Italy

Delivery Time: shipped in 2-3 weeks

Warranty: 5 years