Mimmamamma - Cradle Montessori style L.87xP.84.5xH.91.5cm

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Cradle For Children Mimmamamma Line

Cradle Mimmamamma Line. Designed and built in the Montessori style, the crib will be one of the first things your baby will experience. It will be used both in moments of rest but also when awake, it will observe your movements and listen to the noises of the house, trying to interact with the world around it and creating a first important bond. For this reason, the cradle must be a welcoming and enveloping place, in which the child feels safe and protected, even if he is not in the arms of his parents.
Made of solid multilayer wood, completely natural, FSC and CARB2 certified, with transparent water-based antibacterial finish.
Easy assembly, free of hardware and glues thanks to the Whitworth threading system.
Dimensions: L.87xP.84.5xH.91.5cm



The Montessori Educational Method, developed by the famous Pedagogist Maria Montessori at the beginning of the twentieth century, is still one of the most followed worldwide. Create an environment where everything can be reached by the child independently and safely. Simple but fundamental concepts, to develop the child's personal growth and independence.
One of the other peculiarities that accentuates the exclusivity of Mimmamamma products are the wooden systems used for locking. The system adopts a threading concept that reports an angle of 55 ° and was used since the mid-1800s. The system used bears the name of Whitworth Threading and was an invention of the English engineer Joseph Whitworth.
Mimmamamma products are 100% MADE IN ITALY and made with artisanal methods. Processing and meticulous quality controls mean that delivery times are not as fast as large-scale production and distribution products.

Material: Multilayer FSC and CARB2 Certified.

Certifications: FSCFITOKCARB2

Finish: Natural or Pantone color selection with hypoallergenic and antibacterial water-based finish

Dimensions: L.87xP.84.5xH.91.5cm

Packaging: Product disassembled in 100% K1 certified FITOK recyclable cardboard. Instructions present inside the packaging.

Production: Made in Italy

Delivery Time: Shipped In 1 Week (Natural And Mirage Gray); Shipped In 3 Weeks Snow White, Banana, Sooting Sea, Brillant White, Pastel Blue, Strawberry Cream, Nimbus Cloud, Yellow Pear, Subtle Green

Warranty: 5 years

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