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Mimmamamma - Muslin - 100% cotton natural 3-ply gauze fabric



Muslin set, in natural gauze three-ply 100% cotton, Mimmamamma line. The particular processing of this fabric results in a strong and resistant brushed canvas, soft and light to the touch, absorbent and breathable. Frequent washing makes the muslin even softer and more pleasant on the skin.
The uses of muslin are many: to cover the baby in the stroller and protect him from the wind or the sun, as a support base for the change, as a bathrobe or towel, as a sheet to be placed between the various sessions to avoid direct contact with surfaces not breathable. The Swaddle (name in English), was used since ancient times by different peoples and cultures of the world, to wrap babies. Practice with many benefits, which has come back into force today, to give safety to the baby, recreating the maternal environment before birth or the embrace of the mother even in moments of absence.

Dimensions: H.100xL.85cm

Mimmamamma - Sleeping Bag - 100% cotton natural 3-ply gauze fabric


Sleeping bag

The Mimmamamma Sleeping Bag is used to guarantee the newborn a constant and comfortable warmth during the night\'s rest, making him feel wrapped and protected, thus ensuring a peaceful and deep sleep. Usually used in cots and beds, it is also very useful for outdoor walks with the stroller. Made of 100% cotton three-ply natural gauze, with 100% bamboo fiber padding. Ideal for the delicate skin of the newborn. High quality and long lasting product.
Perfect as a gift idea for the new generation of parents.

Dimensions: H.62xL.40cm